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We are able to match you to the best institution and course to achieve your academic goals.

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Education Doorway, one of the leading service providers for students. We are on a mission to fulfill students' potential by connecting to world-leading education.


Apply to Study Abroad with Education Doorway

We are connected to a large number of Universities and highly trusted Colleges in the UK and are able to advise you on the best placement for your requirements. Few steps to study abroad with us.

Select Your Study Destination

Choosing country you would like to study is the first step. You can apply in different destinations around the world.

Select Your Study Preference

Just browse for what you want to study and get matched to programs and schools.

Apply & Receive your Study Acceptance

Education Doorway will start applying for your preferred course in your preferred university.

Visa & Fly to Your Destination Country

We offer you a combination of services designed to apply for a visa. Finally, it is time to fly.

How We Works

Education Doorway is here to assist anyone who intends to study in the UK at recognised Universities or Educational Institutes. Whatever Your Study Passion is, We Are Here to Help.


Understand You & Interest

It's key to understand you and your interests. We will need your complete academic profile and a friendly chat. The more we can understand you, the better it can get.

Help You a Plan

We recommend the best possible study options based on your profile, interest, and attributes. Once you are happy to proceed, we will help you develop a complete working plan.

Assist You Every Step

The best part of our service is you are never alone; one of our dedicated caseworkers will be allocated for you, who will assist you.

Our Student Service

Education Doorway would like to offer our student a choice of quality educational institution where they can explore the horizon of knowledge and drive them towards glorious future.

Bespoke Consultation

Our personal consulting services will provide you with great help in making the proper education and career decisions.

Uni & Course Selection

We will examine your needs and interest and look at your robust regions and capabilities to figure out the courses that best suite you.

Interview Preparation

This could be the most stressful part of your journey! Not to worry, we will allocate a dedicated person to assist you best.

Admission & Scholarship

We are not only assisting your admission, work smart for your scholarship. 90% of our student secures a scholarship in the UK.

Visa & Documentation Preparation

Many VISAs are refused just for improper documentation! Our team make sure that it is not the case for you.

Travel & On Arrival Support

Moving to a new country in not easy, but you will have peace of mind with our service such as accommodation.









End-to-End Solution for Universities, Agents and Students

Interested in our services or need advice? Want to work with us? Then please get in touch with us and we'll be glad to help you.


We offer a range of student services, including consultancy, admission, visa assistance and setting down to a new destination. We only recruit genuine students to the world's leading universities.


Recruitment Partners

We look forward to develop partnerships with credible student recruiters. We offer a whole range of support and provide technology to do it right effectively. Whether you are new or have experience in the industry - you are welcome.


Partner Institutions

We work with leading universities in partnership to promote universities to the international students. In order for a university to achieve its recruitment goals, it often needs good partnerships with various institutions and organizations. We can help universities find these partners and help them make the most of their cooperation.